Friday, March 13, 2009

Stewart vs. Cramer (last night, crooksandliars)
Especially interesting in light of the Cramer market manipulation segment (youtube) from TheStreet that has been recently making the rounds.
Here's what the NYTimes had to say on the piece.

Part of his frustration may stem from the fact that while Mr. Stewart clearly won the debate, Mr. Cramer and CNBC stood to profit from the encounter. In today’s television news market, the cable network and its stars are like the financiers they cover — media short-sellers trading shamelessly on publicity, good or bad, so long as it drives up ratings. There isn’t enough regulation on Wall Street, and there’s hardly any accountability on cable news: it’s a 24-hour star system where opinions — and showmanship — matter more than facts.

Uncensored version of the whole show on dailyshow
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