Thursday, April 06, 2006

Darmothgar: Yo Blorgh... what's up? Hail evil. I'm calling to see if you're still cool to make the photo shoot at 3.
Blorgh: 3?! I thought the OneNess said it was at 4:30.
Darmothgar: Nope. Definitely 3. I just checked with Cathleen down at Lasting Memory Photography. We'd better conference in the One to see if he's gonna have his mom's car after, because he said he'd give me a ride to Walmart when we're done. If he can't remember the shoot, I just know he's gonna screw the ride thing up.
Blorgh: Good thinkin... Hey, what are you wearing this time?
Darmothgar: I was thinkin' the Corpse Brigade ensemble with pentagram accents and the 5" spikes. Maybe some blood from the eyesockets... How about you?
Blorgh: I've got this light blue 3-button jacket I was gonna try. Cuffless with short lapels.
Blorgh: Nah! I'm just messin' with you, man! I'm gonna do the whole Mountain DethKonqueror and HandAxe thing ... like at Tony's barbeque.

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